108 Yoga Interview

Yoga Interview

A radio interview in the studio.

»Ms. *, today you introduced you new yoga DVD series to the public. We like it a lot. But, we were a bit surprised how you perform the yoga exercises on the DVD this time.«

»Oh no. That is not surprising at all. I started practicing yoga naked a long time ago. You should come to one of my courses occasionally. There you can practice yoga with me totally naked every day. Why should I change that for the DVD?«

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»But how… and when…? On your other DVDs… you always wore… something…«

»Sure. Things change. At first I started with it at home, of course. But then I decided to do it also in public.

A real progress for the body feeling.

And it was time to pass this knowledge on to the buyers of my DVDs.«

»What exactly means you ’began at home’?«

»Well, of course I don’t practice yoga alone. Wouldn’t that be boring? I have a really nice backyard and we often practice yoga there together. Among friends.«

»And everybody is naked?«

»No, of course not. Everyone is just the way he feels best.« Most wore yoga clothing – and so did I. But someday I took my clothes off practiced in the nude. I just did it. That’s all.«


“And you must understand, I really enjoy being naked. There is nothing to it. Of course, at first it was a little bit odd and it cost me a little effort to strip naked in front of my friends and guests. But you have to overcome yourself. So I just told my friends that I wanted to practice in the nude and that was it. But the next time it already wasn’t strange any more and since then nobody even takes notice. I am naked and that’s normal ever since. It’s nothing special any more, except being really joyful for me everytime we do it.«


»At first this wish to be naked came in me in midsummer – of course. It was really hot and at first I tried light clothing. But I wanted to be naked. And whenever I was naked in the garden, on my morning strolls or on other occasions, I knew what the proper clothing for my yoga was. So I simply went the logical step and can only say that I don’t regret it for one second.«

»And that’s how you keep it on your DVD.«

»Exactly. Yoga is exercise and relaxation for the body. Focusing completely on the body, accepting it completely and practicing yoga naked is only logical.«

»And when did you start doing it in your public seminars?«

»Well, it really began on that vacation.«

»What happened?«

»We were on vacation on a nice southern island. And I really began to miss my nakedness in yoga from day one. Then the manager of the club asked me, if I would do some of my famous yoga lessons for his guests. I said yes I would, I had just one requirement… I wanted to do the yoga lessons naked.«

»And he agreed?«

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