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The Boutique

»So, we understand that you have developed a completely new business model. How did you get that?« the Journalist asked the lady.

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»Oh, well, it did not happen all at once.« she replied very professionally. »We have built up our concept step by step. Only in this way we could get as far as we are today.« the shopkeeper replies the proudly. »In the beginning, there may have been the realization that we lost many of our discerning customers because the goods were not presented vividly and appetizingly enough. So we decided to do something extraordinary and break with alle the traditional means of mannequin in interaction with large-scale fashion photos.«

»With overwhelming success, as you can tell. Today you have opened your one hundredth shop in the Federal territory and the influx seems unrestrained.«

»The format seems to be appealing, so I agree.« she said again professionally.

»But now to your innovations. What exactly differentiates your shops from other stores in which fashion clothing is offered?«

»Our first concept was the living mannequin.«

»What do you mean with that?«

»Well, we’ve decided that advertising fashion on plastic dolls does not exploit the potential of interest that a customer could bring to our product range. Additionally, many fashion designers work with the movement of the fabric in mind, the flow of the substance on the moving body, caressing the skin. A puppet does not unfold the effect that pulls the interest of a customer in the product at all. Therefore, we looked for ways to show the goods in motion, on real women.«

»In simpler words…«

»We wanted to show the customers our creations and pieces directly, not bore them with dead photos and dolls, but showing them the effect of our fashion on the living object. It was obvious to entrust our saleswomen with this task. Of course, it was necessary to coordinate the selection of saleswomen in advance with a view to this task.«

»Saleswomen as models…?«

»Exactly! Well, models as saleswomen, if you say. We have selected very young and exceptionally pretty girls who had to have both the corresponding bodily benefits as well as having an attractive face… and have made them acquainted with the task that they not only sell, but also demonstrate.«


»Very much so! Right from the beginning. The girls felt greatly flattered by the appreciation of their task. Some felt it was a career jump from the saleswoman to the top model.«

»What it wasn’t exactly?«

»No, certainly not. But it is often not crucial what a task actually offers to an employee, but how he feels about it. And the girls liked the idea and did an excellent job. They started the task with so much euphoria that they developed exactly the aura needed for a successful presentation of a fashion item. We sold the outfits, which the saleswomen often wore ten to twenty times more often than corresponding comparisons.«

»So success down the line?«

»No, not completely. Other questions remained open. Many customers still left the store without buying anything, mainly because their partners and companions were still bored during their stay in our shop. Often enough, our female customers were literally forced to leave the store by their male companions, even though they would have been quite willing to buy. We also had to change that.«

»And what did you do about it?«

»Well, at first, our market studies showed that the male companions also rated the stay in our store as more positive naturally due to our beautiful and appealing saleswomen. Especially in some departments, this effect was massive.«

»Which departments were these?«

Public Nudity Stories

»The lingerie and stocking departments – of course.«

»Even there…”

»Of course, we remained consistent with our concept of having our goods worn by the saleswomen and thus being presented to the customers.«

»You mean…«

»Nothing to be upset about. The vendors of our lingerie departments only wear the lingerie that is offered there. However, we deliberately do not differentiate between more classical and rather scarcely cut pieces. Everything is presented in the same way.

Some of the brassieres in our assortment lift the breasts without coverings the nipples – so you can see well under an evening dress when they stiffen. Some of our girls are very self-confident and modern, and they had no objection to showing off these pieces with bare nipples.«

»All salesgirls wear jeans« she smiled mischievously »they do not need more. Otherwise, they are topless, braless, and barefoot as they wish. We leave it to the saleswomen how free they want to be.«

»And the saleswomen, your girls, are otherwise completely naked?« »Completely naked. As I said before.

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