113 Casting - Sexual Fantasies

113 Casting - Sexual Fantasies

»I suppose you’ll have noticed that there are, well, some scenes with a distinctly… erotic, err… characteristic« the young representative, who was responsible for the selection of the actresses, tried to explain to the pretty young woman who sat right on front of him.

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»I don’t mind. I love eroticism and sex a lot.« She explained succinctly with a decidedly winning smile.

»Good. Good…« noted the representative.

»I’ve read the script…« began the woman, referring to the subject with the at least second-most charming look of hers.

»That’s good, yes…« the representative showed attention, slightly more than he would have felt professional, which is why he immediately needed gavel himself.

»… I read that the main character is pretty tight with my character…« she waved her hands to fumble for that »pretty intimate… often intimate…«. Yes…?« she nodded, smiling, to make sure she had understood all that correctly.

»Yes…« the representative skimmed through the script, lying on his desk beside his notes »Yes, I suppose so.«

»We’ve got some… intimate… scenes together« the young woman began again, while the representative began to wonder a bit about where she was going.

Sexual Fantasies

»And there are a lot of scenes where my character is obviously naked« she further approached her point. »Pretty naked, so to speak« she showed up her copy of the script and deliberately hit it on a first of many, really many tags »here… here in scene 3: Jim and Ella have just met and went sailing together for the first time. They are on the sea, the boat glides over the glittering waves. Jim is dressed in summer clothes and Ella disappears for a moment in the cabin. When she comes back on deck she is naked. She kisses him and goes to the forecastle to sunbathe.«

She looked questioningly at the representative with open eyes. »Ella is a nymphomaniac, right…?«

»Yeah, so is the script…« he said. »Is this a problem?«

»Well, no. Nude scenes are great. And I am always sunbathing in the nude.« Brief pause for thought. »But they hardly know each other. You have met only the day before and she shows herself naked? Is this…«

»You said you are sunbathing always naked?«


»Then everything is fine. That is important for the role.«

»Well, ok« she turns the page »And then here.« she went on. »Ella comes a little later along the railing back to Jim. Halfway on her starboard she crouches down, smiles at Jim and empties her bladder into the sea. Then she swans over the rest of the way, to him.« She looked again at the representative with that special open, questioning look. »They have sex then.«

»If that’s a problem for you…«

»No. I love sex« the woman explained.

»I mean… do you have a problem to pee

»Why should I have a problem with that?« The young woman asked puzzledly. »I pee every day. Several times…«

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