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120 Sexy Witch

120 Sexy Witch

»I’ll introduce you to my mother« said Julia bluntly while pulling Jan’s sleeve through the French doors that led them into Julia’s family’s house. Julia wore only a thin dress with very thin straps as it was midsummer. She had removed her flip-flops on the porch so she went in barefoot. Jan followed her a little doubtfully as he came into the house for the first time and felt awoke to its greatness and energy. Despite the fact he would start to study at University soon, where he had come across Julia, he remained insecure.

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They met Juli’s mother in the kitchen making some lemonade – the old-fashioned way. Juli’s mother’s hair was a true lion’s mane of red hair, which made Jan instantly wonder if it was natural or dyed.

»Hallo Jul« the mother greeted Juli with a kiss.

Jan’s question was answered quickly. Juli’s mother wore only a white very sheer transparent silk tunic. It covered most of her upper body very artfully but was short enough to let everything show below the waist. When she turned towards Julia and him, Jan couldn’t help but notice that she was completely naked from the navel down. Her pubic hair curled in total freedom, proofing the authenticity of the head’s haircolor.

»This is Jan« Julia introduced him. »Hi, Jan« Julia’s mother shook his hand.

»Hello« Jan contrived to say as he shook her hand idly, confused as to where to look. Because right from the front the tunic was too transparent to hide even her breasts in any way – and not her nipples, for sure, as they were stiffening now just like her smile brightened.

»Your friend is shy…« said the mother to her daughter.

»Not all that much« beamed Julia with a fluid subdued voice.

»That’s even better, then« said the mother »What do you want to do?«

»Just to relax a little« answered Julia with that same lascivious beam, telling a lot.

»Well, it’s lovely over there, under the trees by the pool« the mother suggested, but Julia was [in disagreement].

»Whatever you can do in your room, you can also do outside« said the mother with a meaningful stare.

»You know Adam and Eve weren’t naked because they were in paradise. It was paradise because they were naked all the time.«

»stay naked and fuck as often as you want. What beautiful a dream.«

Then, carefully, she slid her finger in between her love lips and…

»Here’s another wet opening just waiting for you.«

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