121 Divorced People

Divorced People

»You have been married to the well-known director * until recently, but you’ve split up now. What was the reason?«

»That’s quite simple« she explains with a smile. »We just couldn’t agree.«

»About what?«

»I wanted to play more roles in love movies. I love nudity and sex. And I’m not very shy and have recently found more and more pleasure doing nude scenes in front of the camera. I intend to play many more revealing roles soon.«

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»And your husband – ex-husband – didn’t agree with your liking?«

»He never liked it when I was naked on set.« she chuckles charmingly. »He knows, of course, that I can be quite uninhibited, and I really enjoy being naked and being in the center of the attention. I love my nudity and I get pretty horny about it …«

»You get… And you could not agree on some middle ground in the choice of your roles and the arrangement of the scenes?«

»That might have been possible, if he did not want much less, but on the other hand I wanted _significantly more_nudity. Then maybe…«

»What do you mean by ’significantly more’?«

»More love scenes, more nude scenes, more sex scenes. You may have seen The Reader. The sex scenes were really great fun for me. And my partner was young and crisp. But many colleagues strangely refuse to show themselves naked. They are replaced b bodydoubles and pretend their ass being theirs.«

She shakes her head. Also in The Reader according to the script I was supposed to wear some clothes in the bed scenes. I ask you, who on earth wears something in bed having sex?

I rejected that strictly and demonstratively appeared naked on the set. It has always been an abomination to me that people in our films are never naked. Not even in bed, not even fucking. What an unrealistic nonsense!«

»So they are prone to extreme banalism… I mean realism.«

»Extreme? You think so? I don’t think so. It is probably the least you can do to not hide the most important and beautiful things in life such as nudity and sex and thus to deface.

»So we can look forward to many more love films with you…«

“Yes. But that did not make the difference for our divorce. Wasn’t that, what you originally asked for?«


»It was during one of the sex scenes. I lay naked on my back and my colleague already mounted me. He had just bent one foot to my ear…« she giggles »…and we simulated a fuck.

…read this erotic story in Volume 82 Star Interview

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