126 Naked Reporter - Sexy Nudist Report

Naked Reporter - Sexy Nudist Report

»Look, I have this vision. I would like to do a coverage series.«

»And what exactly?«

»About perfect places to go naked.«

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»Come on!« The person in charge waved.«Dirty stuff is not our style, you know that.«

»No, no rubbish. There are so many people who would like to do nudist holidays and I would like to do a serious coverage series about it. A mix of travel magazine and guide.«

»And how can I imagine that. They’re armed with microphones among noiseless people. “

Sexy Nudist Report

»No. Rather, I thought of testing the resorts myself, trying out the attractions myself, visiting the sights myself and, so to speak, giving a first-hand assessment of the holiday from the nudist’s point of view. “

»Good old journalism, then.«

»Exactly.« Then she looked down at the floor with an embarrassed look. »And I thought I’d moderate the posts naked in front of the camera.«

»You want what

»But you see it’s no longer offensive when you’re naked nowadays. For what? “

»But don’t you have a sense… of shame…?«

»Oh no! I’ve stopped following to stick to supposed dress rules a long time ago .I’m naked wherever and whenever I want to be. And I like being naked. I’m always naked at home, even when I have visitors or open the door for postman or neighbor. I go naked for bathing, whether at the lake or the sea and whether it is allowed there or not. Even in the outdoor pool I am mostly naked. No one has bothered to see me naked. Why should they? What should I hide? There’s nothing wrong with my breasts and my ass.«

…read this erotic story in Volume 126 Naked Reporter

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