131 the Brat - Sexual Fantasies

Nude Therapist

»You have come to me today. You have completed the nineteenth year of life and from the preliminary talk with your parents, I gather that they are concerned about your release into life.«

»Yes, something like that.«

»Are you here voluntarily?«

»No, my folks sent me here.«

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»And why?«

»Because I always go blank. They say that’s not normal. It’s a total nonsense if you ask me.«

»What does that mean, that you ‘go blank’?«

»Don’t you know or don’t you want to know.«

»I want to hear it from you.«

»I like to be naked.«



»And what is the problem?»

»I ask myself too.«

»Well, somebody has some or the other problem with that or you wouldn’t be here.»

»My folks…«

»Your parents…«

»My parents… think I’m somehow perverted.«

»And are you?«

»Sure… or not. How do I know.«

»That’s not a criterion for you?«

»Nope. Everyone should just be as he wishes. And I’m just as I am.«

»Please describe more precisely, what’s the offence.«

»That I like to be naked.«

»What do you mean exactly?»

Sexual Fantasies

»Well, I run around naked at home.«

»And when?»

»Almost always.»

»You are a nudist.»

»If you want to call it that, sure.«

»Why are you doing it?«

»I just like it.«

»What do you like.«

»Everything. The feel of my bare skin. That turns me on. Feels great.«

»It excites you.«

»Yeah, it makes me horny.«

»Please describe it in more detail…»

»Aren’t you perhaps perverted?«

»Why do you think that?«

“I might like to run around naked, but you want to know it in a really exact manner. What now is really perverted? »

»It’s my job to help you.«

»And you, when are you naked?«

»That does not matter. Were you naked today?«

»Yeah, sure. All morning, until I came here.«

»And that’s why there was a fight.«

“No. My mother was at home and she got used to it.«

»Describe the process.«

»Well, I got up and took a shower. Do you want to know that as well…? »

»Then I went down to the kitchen…»


»Yes, of course, naked. Why should I wear something at home? I live there.«

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