132 Therapy - Girl Wants It

Nude Therapist - Girl Wants It

»I do everything, but nobody wants to fuck me. I even uploaded videos on Youtube and masturbated live on the internet. Would you want to fuck me?«

»No« the therapist answers neutrally.

»See, even you don’t.« she sighs.

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»Let’s return to your attempts to get sexual attention.«

»You mean that I really do everything?«

»Yes. Absolutely. And what else do you do?«

»Well, yesterday I was kissing a woman in public. At first I just flipped her top over her breasts and massaged her bare boobs while we were kissing.«

»In public, what does that mean?«

»Well, in a crowded pub at the bar. How public do you want it?«

»Please continue.«

Girl Wants It

»Then I turned her around and pulled her pants down, pulled her skin-tight leggings down off from her bare ass. And then I suddenly felt like it and licked… it.«


»I pulled her cheeks apart and licked her anus.«

»In… in the bar?«

»Did not I say that? She had great soft ass cheeks that could easily be pulled apart. I could reach the anus and put my tongue deep into it.«

»So anal… lingus?«



»Well, sure… if you think so… I just wanted to enter into her body. I wanted to lick her ass for her pleasure. I sure do like if someone licks my ass…«

»Good, let’s come to another situation. You have done other things? When was the last time?«

»Yes.« she beamed. Maybe he wanted to… »Well, here’s how it was« she began. »Once we played a game at the party on Saturday. You had to drink and get up while you drank and expose either the ass or the breasts. It was insane fun to show myself so naked.

First I just pulled up my top over the boobs and showed my nipples. But then I wanted more. And that meant, pants down, glass on the lips and going down with it.«

»Did that excite her?«

»Oh, yes! But in the next round, the breasts were no longer valid. They had to be naked in any case so that you could even participate. So I just took off my top. It was useless. And in any case, the ass had to be freed for drinking.«

…read this erotic story in Volume 117 Nude Therapist

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