133 the Briefing

The Briefing

The director explains »You two will have some intimate scenes together and we should clear up a few things in advance.«

»What do we need to clarify?« Maggie grinned meaningfully.

»For example, where your limits are. Maggie…«

»Exactly, your limits. Where can I touch you?« the actor wants to know. »The script just says… here: both are naked, petting, then violent sex.«

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»Oh, I don’t really care. Everywhere.« She is clearly not interested in the question.

»What do you mean by that?«

»”Well, I think when we show sex, we should be honest about it. And you can not play petting anyway. You either touch my pussy or not. I don’t mind if you touch me in the right places. I also want to have fun and get horny, then I do not have to act like it.«

»Yea, but…«

Somehow, the two, as men were always in sex-things, were a bit dumbfounded. »So if you want to know it precisely: I like it when you suck on my tits while massaging my clit and my anus. ’want to try it…?«

»Your a…«

»Never massaged an anus? Oh, sweetheart. It’s not so complicated at all. I have exactly three body orifices and I like being massaged in all three of them. Isn’t that hard to understand, or is it?«

Both men look unsettled.

»We can rehearse it if you want.« Maggie casually brought them back to life.

»Um, rehearsing?« the director was still dull.

»And… when?« the actor was a little quicker.

»Well, when. Now?«

»Um, now?«

»Wouldn’t that be fun…?«

She looks back and forth between the two and then pulls her T-shirt over her head, shakes out her long hair and smiles at the two now perplexed men »Come on, let’s see where that leads to.«

»Well, why not…«

The director remembers his responsibility.

»You do not have to participate« she teases the director. »Just think of a few good positions… camera positions, I mean.«

In that very moment, the actor gets uncertain and wonders for a moment if Maggie had been wearing the whole time only a mini panty under her T-shirt and nothing else.

Because now she also did not wear that anymore.

»Enough with it Maggie, no follies.«

»So, do you want to rehearse it or not?«

She provocatively raises her body and puts her hands in her sides, skillfully staging her erect nipples…

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