135 Wedding Planner - Adult Confessions

Wedding Planner - Adult Confessions

They were sitting together in the office of the wedding planner comfortably on a soft and low leather sofa.

»We’ll get married soon.« The bride grinned, grabbed her groom’s hand and pressed it.

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The planner smiled in a friendly and compassionate manner. »That’s wonderful. I’m sure we’ll be able to arrange an unforgettable wedding for you.«

»Yes, but there’s something else that we want here.« the bride’s smile changed imperceptibly and took devout, self-conscious features. »We have one more… special request. And I do not know… if you…«

The groom looked to the side, apparently it was less his idea than hers.

She picked up again. »It’s such a special day in life. The one that comes only once… If you know what I mean.«

»Yes, of course I know that. This applies to all couples who come to us like that.« affirmed the planner and tried to open the space through her calmness to formulate her wish.

Adult Confessions

»It may have been a bit strange…« she started talking about it.

»You definitely can say \emph{that}« growled the bridegroom.

She did not pay attention to him. The planner smiled understandingly at him.

»Well, it probably won’t be that exotic…« the planner turned back to the bride.

She now gathered all her courage in a moment and just said it out »I would like to be naked at the wedding.«

A slight pause came up.

»Oh yeah. Eventually everyone was naked in the evening at the party.«

»I think I’d like to step in front of them all naked, but I want the guests dressed solemnly. I just want to be completely naked… like a naked angel.«

»Yes, I want to be completely naked in front of everybody… and then… come…«

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