136 Interstellar - Public Sex

Interstellar - Public Sex

The female project manager of the space project ‘Interstellar’ warmly welcomes the journalists and leads them to a conference room to answer their questions.

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»You are investigating important factors that are keys to the success of the mission as crew members interact on interstellar journeys.« The journalist begins the conversation.

»Yes exactly.« the project manager replies. »An interstellar space flight is characterized above all by the fact that the crew members have to live and work harmoniously together in a very small space over a comparatively long period of time – which may include almost their entire life. And also under stress.

And as we find out, there are a number of parameters that affect the harmony among the crew members on such a journey. Here we are following a specific concept, with which we can now clearly demonstrate that multi-year travel is also possible if we provide the people involved with a suitable environment.«

»And they also investigate the possibility of generational spaceships, which means that it is not important that the same generation that leaves the earth necessarily reaches at the destination.«

»Exactly. According to the current state of the art, only such a concept allows a journey to the closer star systems.
And so we have built a laboratory here where we can do long-term studies with astronauts and their behaviour under these conditions.«

Public Sex

»To give you a first impression of our work before we go over to the lab itself, I can show you some documentary videos. Come on.«

The project manager rose from her chair and walked through the next door into a conference room equipped with a large video projection screen. As the journalists now realize, she is barefoot.

»Since we continuously record the entire project – from 72 different perspectives with video cameras – for further evaluation of all aspects of space flight and astronaut behaviour, I can present you some interesting material from our research results. Of course, we also use the same video recordings to raise funds for our groundbreaking research.«

The conference room was now darkened by automatically descending blinds and the leader started the first video from her Tablet PC.

She explained: »Here you can see the working area of the ship. We’ve found that a large number of tropical plants, high humidity, and a high room temperature are ideal for wellbeing of the crew.«

The space that appeared on the video seemed relatively large, as it was not clear where the end of the premises could have been found behind the green plants. The controls and computer consoles nestled between the plants, like natural rocks of a landscape.

»You must understand that the main task of the crew on such a long journey is to check the proper functioning of the spaceship and to avoid boredom.«

In the final thought, she seemed to grin involuntarily, which somehow caught the journalist in their otherwise very dry businesslike manner.

At that moment, a woman came into the picture, went over to a computer terminal and made some input.

»That’s Lea« the leader said. »She’s been in the lab for 463 days now, living there in conditions the same way as in a spaceship.«

“She’s… completely naked« stammered one of the two journalists, visibly irritated by the performance and the lack of clothing of the practicing astronaut.

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