143 Office Community

Office Community

»I would like to have a desk in her office community.«

»What is your profession?«

»Excuse me?«

»Well, what are you doing?«

»I have a webcam.«

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»Aha. And what do you do with it?«

»I chat with men and undress if they want to. But they always want it. They usually say that they want to see me, my body and that.«

»In a video?«

»No, at my desk… during the chat. So to say…« she grins sheepishly »live. If you will.«

»You want to undress… in our open-plan office?«

»Yes why not?«

»And how far…, I mean, whereto… you are undressing?«

»Well, completely. Naked.«

»There are… other people in the open-plan office.«

»I do not mind. I am not shy.«

»That’s obvious.«

She grins again »Isn’t it…«

»But… you cannot walk around naked in our offices!«

»Why not?«

»Well… because that’s not possible.«

»Oh, come on… it’s really nothing. And I really like to be naked. I do not mind being naked among people. Even if the others are dressed. That even makes me pretty… hot. The other clothed colleagues do not bother me at all.«

»That’s… just not the…«

»And usually I also wear a T-shirt.«

»And pants?« Hope arises.

»No, I never wear a panty.« She laughs loudly. »That would only be in the way. Even when I’m not completely naked, I like to play around with my labia…

And, frankly, I never wear panties at all.« With the expression, incomprehensible, who would want that at all.


»No, even now I do not have one…«

»Is that so…«

»Yea, it’s fun. I like it. I feel completely free. And when I turn on my cam, my fans say what to do and then I just do it.«

»And what are you doing then?«

»Everything my fans want me to do. Sometimes they only want to see me naked, then they want me to masturbate, sometimes I should…«

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