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The yoga teacher sat cross-legged in front of her video camera and spoke to it as if it were a human. Knowing that it was not the camera she was talking to but the thousands of people following her online video channel. She must have done something right and now she was caught by the virus to get even more fans – many more.

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She was in full size in the picture and she already wore the clothes for the yoga exercises she was just announcing. As usual that was a white T-shirt and a white silk panties. More was not required, but would interfere with the sometimes advanced poses she performed. And their fans loved her for her naturalness and simplicity.

She would put this video online when it was ready and cut this afternoon and then it would be seen by all of her enthusiastic subscribers.

»As you know, I’ve been making these yoga videos for you for some time.« begann sie nun.

»And I decided to start a new series.« she smiled a little embarrased. »But don’t worry. Our weekly yoga lessons will go on as usual. This will be an additional hour. A very special hour…«

Then she started fresh, layering her long hair from on side of her head to the other and with that also switching to an apparently different thought.

»I’ll just tell you how it happened. I also learn – like you – always new things. Obviously. That’s the way we all grow. And so, some time ago, I was at a yoga class that changed my life – again. Yoga has changed my life since I discovered it. And now again. That’s how profund it is what I want to show you today.«

She sensed an internal resistance and reacted immediately.

»And before we talk about it for long, I’ll just show you what it’s all about.«

She mustered all her courage, remembering once again that yoga was all about health of the body and harmony with the body, and then she pulled the T-shirt over her head and instantly felt the beauty of her bare breasts falling free. Then she slipped out of her panties and became aware that she was now completely naked in front of the camera and still intended to complete today’s yoga class that way and later put this video online, just the way it was.

»We do yoga for the body. For its health and for the love for our body. It would be totally wrong to hide it or to feel shame for it.« she began with an open smile.

»My yoga gives me a beautiful body. And I have decided that there is no reason to hide it from you, my dear viewers.«

»We do not need taboos either. I won’t bother to hide intimate parts of my body. You will see my breasts and labia and my clit. If my nipples get stiff, because I have beautiful feelings, they are welcome to do so. If my clit shows up, it may. During the exercises, I will spread my thighs wide and you will also see my anus. I do not mean to hide my body. What are taboos good for that hide the body, although it is so utterly beautiful and can give us such wonderful feelings. You must know that. And I advise you to hold it that way.

If it stimulates you sexually, to see my labia and my anus, then you may just enjoy those beautiful feelings. My body is beautiful. And you too may find it beautiful and exciting too.

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