149 Beauty Salon

Beauty Salon

»Mrs. *, in our ’Innovative Entrepreneurs’ series, we have invited you, because you recently had considerable success with your innovative hair salon concept. Your growth rates are astronomical and you have now opened your 5th location. How did this tremendous success come about…?«

»Well, sure. You see, we have realized that in general, body care today has to be presented as an overall concept. Our predominantly female customers…«

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»… and male customers…«

… our female and male customers not only want a complete service in their limited time, they also want to combine the necessary with the pleasant and see the personal hygiene together with wellness aspects and relaxation as a coherent service complex, as an experience, as care, pleasure and cleanse their body all in one as a whole.

Moreover, people today suffer much less than a few years ago from feelings of shame. The body and its functions have become common property and hardly anyone feels shame for their physical needs.

We just adapt to this changed common sense of society and offer what people are looking for. To address the needs of the people, this creates success by itself…«

»What exactly does your concept look like, which innovations do you think are crucial to your success…?«

»All our many so called innovations gradually and logically evolved from the careful observation of the needs of our customers. Adaptation, if you like… even the unspoken, we read between the lines, the willingness to adapt to the customers’ wishes, whatever it may be… it’s really not much more than that.«

»How did the whole thing come about…?«

»In the beginning, we just offered a simple and pleasant head massage as a supplement to the hairdressing. This additional wellness service was gladly received. Some customers soon took the opportunity to relax much further than we had anticipated…

In general, we observed that many customers took our ambience and the atmosphere of the salon very positively. They made themselves at home quite freely according to their needs and feelings. A clear indication of the quality of the feelings that we were able to trigger with them.

I remember exactly, as I noticed more and more often, that customers at the cloakroom not only took off their jackets and caps, but ever more often also took off shoes and socks to be barefoot in the salon… and finally during the hairdressing and especially during the head massage relished her toes stretched and curled them lustfully.

We realized that the clients were looking for a far more extensive physical treatment than we had previously offered. And I realized that they had no reservations and wanted to be understood with their whole body.«


»So we started to widen our offerings.«


»First, of course, on pedicure.

»Obviously, if our clients naturally preferred to experience our bare-foot treatment, it was natural to offer care for their feet and toes during hairdressing. This end of the body is usually unused during hairdressing…«

»Unuse… and then…?«

»We became aware of body hair. We offered our customers to take care of the removal of their leg and armpit hair. Women are characterized by their complete nakedness all over. Body Hair is perceived as aesthetically undesirable in women.«

»How did…«

»The idea came in the summer. Of course. People are much less clothed and not only for that reason this is the more bodily half of the year. Many of our customers accepted our open-minded and free atmosphere completely and came now only very scantily dressed to the salon. Word had got around that we had a very revealing and body-affirming corporate culture.«


»Oh yes! See, human closeness and the sense of togetherness in the service sector evolves through adaptation. So we adapted to the wishes and practices of our customers.

We realized that the customers preferred to feel at home and emotional when they enjoyed our treatment – so I told our hairdressers to be barefoot as well, to meet the expectations of our customers.«

»And you…?«

»Oh please, understand, I’m in charge.«

»Oh, right. I thought…«

»Of course I did not take me out. I, in particular, in my function also as a prime role model took off shoes and socks and am always barefoot in the salon now. A very liberating and pleasant experience, working barefoot, if you allow the personal comment…«

»Oh, really… you…?«

»Of course. Where was I… oh, yes. In the summer, female customers came more and more very casually dressed to the salon. We saw a lot of transparent straps without underwear, some of them came to us from the nearby beach just wearing a a bikini - or a thong and bare breasts…«

»Bare Bre…«

»Of course. With naked breasts. Topless – in the vernacular.

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