151 Fitness Center

Fitness Center

»Dear Mrs. *, you’ve had with your real estate brokerage in the past…«

»Living dream mediation… Naked Living (see Living Naked) conveys dreams of freedom…«

»… certainly, with your project at that time you had overwhelming success. But now…« He has a quick look at his notes »… now you have turned to new goals… you have« again the notes »opened a… fitness studio.

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Isn’t there already a variety, as far as I’m informed… and what’s new thing about your… launch…? and why do you call it…«
the presenter shifts his glasses to read his hand notes and reads very slowly
»Free… Open… Naked Sports« is that right? What is that?«

»It was just obvious to move to other areas of life of open and liberal-minded people…«

»Certainly… but what do you mean by ‘open people’?«

»We can openly call it by name if you like: people who like to be naked and do not want to be ashamed of their naked bodies or their feelings.«

»Yes, um…« the presenter apparently did not find his own question so insanely astute.

»Take me as an example. I massively enjoy being naked. And there are a lot of people who just want to enjoy the pleasures of their body uninhibited…«


»Our simple motto is: everything naked. So we offer the following courses – I can give you a short excerpt from our brochure… «

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