152 the Sandpiper

The Sandpiper

»You are… doing what…?« Silvia was baffled. She never had heard anything… like that… and from her friend Hanna of all things…

»Yes, as I say… I always go to a section of the beach where men come and watch me masturbating. They usually do it themselves too.«

»You do… what?« Silvia looked aghast.

But Hannah wasn’t confused. »It’s nice, and when I come, they usually ejaculate too.«

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Silvia’s mouth stood open as she listened to the story.

»And when I show them my wet, pink pussy…«

»You show…«

»Yes, to the men.
You are also horny and I can see their dick, apparently…«

Hanna had to grin.
»If I need it so urgently, one of the men always comes to me and sticks his penis in me and rides me hard…«

»You have sex…« Silvia falters between pale and almost unbearable excitement…

»Oh yes. It’s so easy. I’m going to the beach, I undress – I like being naked anyway – and then lie down in the hot sand.«

»In the dunes?«

»No, what are you thinking? Where everyone can see me, of course!«

So… and there are usually already the first men. I always play around a bit with myself, as I feel like it, before I masturbate properly and come for the first time.«

»You are coming…« Silvia repeats dreamily.

»Yes, I do. And then I just lie there, legs spread, showing my swollen and open pussy to everyone – and then almost always one of the men comes up to me and fucks me. It’s just wonderful. You should come too… I mean come with me

»You fuck with men that you don’t know at all…?«

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