153 Analingus


»Did I tell you that already? That I have a new hobby… « she explains to her friend over some tea.


»Yes, it’s great fun…«

»And what is it?«

»I lick… the anus.«

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»You do… what?«

»I lick the anus.«

»Your… own… or what?«

»Don’t be absurd.«

I like to lick the ass. It’s a bit like kissing - just… at the other end. You also put your tongue into another human being.

And in the anus you are so sensitive, almost more than in the mouth… it is closer to the pussy, the anus. It’s beautiful and intimate to lick the ass.«


»Oh yes. Women always want to get completely naked quickly, because they get so horny…«

»And how did you come to that?«

»I always liked playing games with the anus. Then I tried it with some of my female friends and it’s just a lot of fun.«

»You mean with Lilian?«

»Yea, sure. And with Tasha and also…«

»No… you have licked Tasha’s…ass?«

»Yes. And she was completely naked and even went straight to orgasm…«

»Together with you…?«

»Yes. Isn’t that nice. Even Hildi let me indulge her ass.«


»Yesterday. And even she was completely naked. And she came too…«

»You seem to be doing it pretty well.«

»Yes, I think so.«

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