155 Beach Bar

Beach Bar

»Just Imagine…« she was really excited. Her friend listens attentively and sensitively. »Imagine, I have a new job.«

»Wow! What are you doing? Do you like it…?« Anna was as usual curious without any inhibitions.

Her best friend Janine had just poured tea for them and the two young women lay spread out in Janine’s sprawling living environment.

»If I like it?«

Janine looked once over her right and then over her left shoulder, as if someone could overhear them – although of course no one else was in the room – leaned conspiratorially to Anna and then said »My pussy is already beat-up.«

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Anna almost blew her tea in Janine’s face and then the two women laughed extensively. »What?« she called out »You have to tell me… everything…«

»Well« Janine began. I work as a waitress in a bar… on the beach…«

»Oh, that sounds beautiful!«

»Yes, doesn’t it! And the best part is… I work naked!«

At that moment, Anna spilled the hot tea on her dress anyway. »Whatdoyoumean… naked?«

»Well, just naked. Without clothes.« and then worried about Anna’s wet dress »comeon… take it off, I wash the tea out in the bathroom… and then we hang it on the line to dry.«

»Well…« Anna pressed around.

»Come on, the tea stains won’t otherwise come off.«

»Can you lend me something… I don’t have anything on but the dress…«

»Sure… come on, take it off, it doesn’t matter…«


»I’ll be right back…« she disappears with her dress towards the bathroom…

One minute later… back without the dress »I hung it on the line to dry…« they continue the conversation…

»What about… me…« she pulls the corners of her mouth back and points to her naked body.

»Ohyea…« she feels a moment… »I’ll just take of my clothes too…« she pulls her top over her head, strips off the bikini bottoms and lets herself fall on the sofa to her friend…

»Okay…« she does not exactly know if she should be skeptical…

But then they chat on.

»So you said, you work on the beach in a bar in just a bikini, right…?«

Janine grinned widely. She had shameless fun to tell her friends about her adventures. »Listen.« Janine was as eager to tell the news as Anna wanted to hear them.

»I said completely naked. Without everything. Only bare skin. Naked.«

»Wow… really… as an waitress…? Is that some kind of commercial gimmick, such a onetime thing…?«

»No. Permanent. Every evening from five to midnight.«

»It’s a nude beach… a nudist beach…«

»No, the guests are all wearing bathing suits.«

»But how…?« Anna’s cup of tea again staggered critical…

»I’m the only one who’s naked… isn’t that cool!

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