31 2070 - Flashing Stories

2070 - Flashing Stories

Space travel can also be very sexy… She has some routine work to do on the spaceship. But the spacesuit is a hindrance to her. Oh well! Then she just takes it off…

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She slipped out of her special spacesuit under which she was completely naked as usual.

The spacesuit was designed to have optimal thermal and moisture control properties – but only when you were naked in it. The spacesuit designer must have been a rogue, she realized, and a smile crossed her face. But she was being honest: She found that very convenient.

However, the fact that the spacesuit was completely unsuitable for the work they had to do in the spaceship, due to its thickness and stiffness was completely missed by the designer. But that did not affect her much. She simply did her work without the spacesuit – she just took it off for work. The fact that she was naked then didn’t bother her. She enjoyed the gained freedom of movement and the sensual feeling of her nakedness in these moments.

Flashing Stories

She knew perfectly well that she would not be alone in her task today. But she was one of the women who found nudity as something natural and beautiful. She was not ashamed of her body.

And society proofed her right. It had long been decided to break away from traditional ideas of shame and morality and to allow every human being to be naked whenever and wherever he or she considered it necessary or desirable.

The spacesuit had allowed her a well-tempered and sweat-free transfer from the mother ship to the shuttle, so it made sense even today, no more clothes to wear under the spacesuit. So you could use the properties of the spacesuit optimally, which was even more important in space than in the mothership. She felt good.

In the shuttle she would be around for some time without the spacesuit and initiate computer operations on various systems, as the expedition had envisaged… and would do so with better freedom of movement – ‘freedom’ it shot through her mind like a comforting shudder – and for quicker completion… without the spacesuit. She would take off the spacesuit in front of her safety guard and then move naked freely through the shuttle.

That was okay for her. She even agreed that she caught the idea to be splintered naked in front of her companion in the deserted shuttle that she would use in a few months, when her mission would be called off. She felt a pleasant tingling in her abdomen and some moisture at the entrance of her vagina at the thought. She enjoyed her feelings. It was nice to be horny, it was good. The mission planners had analyzed that the hormones involved brought her mental balance in the cramped conditions on the mother ship - especially after sex. She had to smile. Would she even have sex with her safety guard today? So far, she had only fucked with a small portion of the crew, but the journey was still long and the mission planners had explicitly pointed to the pacifying effect of sexing problem, she had thought and already pictured, with whom she would first do it.

…read this erotic story in Volume 126 Naked Reporter

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