33 the Clairvoyant - Erotic Fantasy

33 The Clairvoyant - Erotic Fantasy

The woman was in a small tent.

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She was younger than I thought and hailed me with a friendly smile. So she could tell me the future. According to rumor, she was not a fake, she had the gift. I was a bit skeptic, I had consulted some others before and every single prediction was as ambiguous and generic as the horoscope and only true on the average.

On the other hand, there was a previous call, perhaps she was doing things differently. Her predictions were not generic and they became true without any intervention from the concerned individual, remarkably. She had a way of taking in the fate and life she had at hand, like if it was a book. But nobody wanted to give me further details about her method, I should see for myself. I was looking forward to it.

Erotic Fantasy

The young woman who said ‘Hello’ to me looked particularly pretty with dark, almost jet black hair, that sparkled the way henna does. She sat upright, receptive, on a little stool, facing her small round table.

»Come on in, have a seat« she said as I left the tent’s curtain behind me. Next to her table was another stool, very low and straight, so you wouldn’t sit on the floor. I sat down.

As her breath became more violent, the fabric in her clothes opened a little…

a bit of the dress moved away to a side, showing a thin piece of clear, healthy skin between her naked breasts.

…slid my fingers into her mouth, where her moist tongue awaited it and played with them joyously…

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