35 Fashion Photography - No Panties Stories

Fashion Photography - No Panties Stories

»Do you want to click pictures or stand around and gawk?«

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The photographer and assistant were slightly perplexed. They had already had done some fashion photographing sessions together and seen many pretty and also rather revealing models. But what was she doing there?

Already during the trial shootings, the photographer had noticed this model, Rose was her name, and that Rose was, well, quite open-hearted. She did not hide behind the screen to change the dresses – what almost all the models did.

He had been skeptical of Rose from the beginning. She seemed defiant, uncontrollable. She had the charisma of a girlie, but then his assistant, who was probably a lot younger than the photographer, had had to comment ironically, that the collection was also designed for self-confident and sexually aggressive young women and therefore Rose would have a good identification potential for that particular target group.

So he had agreed. They had arrived in the studio and began to work through the preparation quickly after a few words of introduction.

No Panties Stories

At first they had clicked the new collection of colorful summer dresses: Rose was talented. After just a few takes, the photographer was hardly skeptical anymore. Her charisma was good and her expressions were variable a lot.

But she was really flashy. When it came to spaghetti straps shoots, Rose would take off her bra without hesitation and simply change her clothes. She never tried to cover her big and beautiful breasts.

»My boobs will take the customers to the stores« she commented.

Now she slipped her pants back on and did not pull them up, which meant she barely covered anything of her abdomen or buttocks. She turned around and started to pose.

Then Rose knelt up and pushed the bikini bottoms down below her butt. Immediately the photographer stopped photographing.

…read this hot story in Volume 111 The Boutique

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