43 Lesbian Prison

Lesbian Prison

The most modern practices in law enforcement are currently making waves. We are talking about the so-called Naked Prison or Naked Execution, a psychological based version of the penal system for women, in which all prisoners remain completely undressed during their entire stay in prison.

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»The peacefulness of the inmates has increased a lot.« the prison administration justifies the unusual measures. According to the prison authorities, there are no significant incidents among the inmates since the introduction of the new dress code.

The guards also confirmed the much improved atmosphere »Since our guests once they arrive in our rooms, no longer wear clothes, the atmosphere has become much better« says of the female guards.

»The women seem to feel a lot more comfortable and more balanced with each other, as well as with the guards. Clashes have been reduced to almost zero. If there are still a few left, they exclusively circle around the question which of the women might be the prettier one.

As part of our visit, we also had the opportunity to talk to one of the women in prison who confirmed the positive impression of the prison administration as a whole. »Sure, since we all got naked, a lot has gotten better.« explains Hedi S. from New York State. »Everyone has more respect for each other, maybe even…« she smiles mischievously across the table where she sits opposite us »… there is something like solidarity, in being a woman. We are real women when we are naked, nothing hides our femininity.« and she adds »If you know what I mean.« with the open security in her eyes, that we don’t know, we as men.

We ask if she was required to be naked for this conversation, meeting us, because she doesn’t wear anything more than naked skin.

»No-no« she answers, dismissing »I even have had clothes. But as I’m nacked all day anyway, this doesn’t make a difference. My tits aren’t much of a secret anymore.« And then she adds a little quieter »And honestly, I really cannot imagine myself being locked in clothes ever again. Is much nicer completely nacked.«

After our conversation is over, she is being lead back into the restricted area by one of the (clad) overseers. We look after her bare butt as the lattice doors slide between her and us. Her nudity gives her an unexpected dignity in this undignified place. She seems to have become a different person, purified, self-contained, almost happy, if one may presume that in such a place…

…read this erotic story in Volume 43 Lesbian Prison

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