5 Motorbike Ride - Flashing Stories

Motorbike Ride - Flashing Stories

She had… never done that before. All of a sudden she had felt like doing something crazy.

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The ride with the motorbike into the desert was less exciting than she expected. She had driven to the small parking lot to stretch her legs for a moment and walked over to the large sunroof, under which were two simple benches and a table. The shade was good in the heat. She looked across the vast dry land. No cloud in the sky. It was a wonder that the flat bushes, which regularly grew every few yards, survived here at all. Then she came back to her motorbike and an even better idea struck her. She grinned widely at the thought. Why not? Why not?

When she left home, all she knew was that she planned to drive through the desert in the sun all day. It was a hot day and she was a good driver. So she gave up the overalls and instead put on only her jeans cut off up to the thigh and a wide T-shirt that she hung over it. Even her heavy motorbike boots stayed where they were. She always wanted to ride a motorbike barefoot and feel the wind around her calves and toes. And today was the day. She left the house and got on her heavy sports machine. She started the engine and felt the deep vibration between her legs that turned her on so much. She put on her sunglasses, flipped up the stand and left the clutch.

Flashing Stories

She had bought the sports machine a few months ago because her first bike was no longer enough for her. She wanted to be faster, she wanted a racing machine, not a bicycle. And this one didn’t disappoint her. It was a great machine. It was fast and demanded all her driving skills.

She drove up the driveway and moved onto the highway. She felt the rough pedals under her bare feet, the jeans stretched over her butt that sat firmly in the comfortably padded seat. Directly in front of her upper body was the mighty tank, over which she had the handlebar firmly gripped.

She wanted it. She wanted to ride her bike naked.

What she really enjoyed, was her nakedness…

She doubted that the driver would have noticed her bare breasts – what a pity.

She felt alive and wild hornyness pulsated in her veins.

What were clothes for? There wasn’t anything more natural than to strip everything off in this heat…

The seat would vibrate between her legs and she wouldn’t wear anything but naked skin…

Her butt was worth seeing, that she was sure of.

…read this hot story in Volume 5 Naked Ride

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