54 on the Train - Erotic Stories

On the Train - Erotic Stories

You won’t believe that! You just won’t believe it…

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I was as always on my round through the train for checking of tickets.

And I see this woman. Well, what is a woman, she was young, almost a girl. She had just managed to get a seat in a compartment. I had finished checking the neighboring compartment and wanted to go to her compartment when I saw her slip out of her shoes.

She is completely alone. I stop and just look at her. And she takes off her socks and peels off her jeans. But she’s not finished. Then she pulls her sweater over her head. A great move, with so much elegance. And she wears only one bra under the sweater.

Erotic Stories

And then everything happens very fast. I stay rooted to the spot, she, with her back towards me, looks relaxed out of the window. She opens the bra and slips out.

I have just enough time to raise my eyebrows. But before I think, she has already pushed her panties down and is now completely naked in the compartment.

She carefully picks up her clothes, folds them, and neatly tucks them over herself in the luggage compartment, as if she expected not to need them for a while.

Then she calmly fishes a woollen blanket out of her travel bag and wraps herself in it. Finally she sits down on a seat. She puts her bare feet on the seat opposite and looks calmly out of the window at the passing landscape.

Looking around, she looks at me…

»No, I of course can not get dressed« she whispered.

»I want to relax a bit and that works best naked. Besides, I’m still looking for someone to chase away the long drive and fuck me a bit.«

…read this hot story in Volume 5 Naked Ride

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