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Anna now gathered all her courage. It was not that far to the tent after all. And one walks around the whole day in bikini or swimsuit anyway, so that little fabric that was missing now did not matter much. Or does it?

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Certainly. It was missing. Should she really do it? Cursed be this brat! There was nothing else left for her. She could go stale in the shower, or wear her fate with dignity, and walk naked across the campsite to her tent, butt naked as she stood here.

She thought that anyone would hardly be out so late at night. She had just wrapped her towel and gone to the washhouse to rinse off the sweat and sand of the day and then come to her tent clean and comfortable with her friend and sleep softly for the night – and now this!

Girls Flashing

Somehow these rascals must have watched her and secretly persecuted her. She had gone into the shower room for ladies, had put her towel carelessly over one of the sinks and had gone naked in the shower.

But she had not noticed anything. The water was really wonderful. It flowed so warm and soft on her sandy body that she stood for quite a while under the warm rain. It was an incomparable feeling when her suntanned skin was washed by the soft water. It cooled and warmed at the same time. She had not even closed the shower door because there was usually no one else going to take a shower so late.

And when she came out, the towel was gone

being as naked as she was, was different. It was as natural as a naked baby playing in the sand on the beach

_»Why are you naked?« Janine asked, chuckling. _

The two women stood in the middle of the bright sandy beach, illuminated by the moonlight. From a distance they looked like two sisters standing naked as God had made them, looking out to the dark sea.

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