7 Very Nude - Embarrassing Stories

Very Nude - Embarrassing Stories

It had become her secret passion. She loved taking off her clothes and feeling the looks of others on her body.

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Soon she was not satisfied sunning herself without a top in the swimming pool. Nearby there was a lake and she had heard that there were no dress codes there. She drove out and felt the thrill as she undressed herself. She was sunbathing there - completely naked. She walked around naked and went into the water the same.

Embarrassing Stories

There were only a few naked women on the lake shore, most of them were dressed in bathing suits. But that was not right. She wanted to cause a stir, wanted to break the shame of others. She lay down on her stomach and felt the sun and the fresh air on her bare butt. It was wonderful in a way she could not have imagined before. It was so much nicer than being locked up in a bikini. Once she strolled along the water, butt naked, almost all the way around the lake, she enjoying the freedom and gaze of the people. She had nothing with her, she just walked slowly barefoot through the shallow warm water and was entirely herself.

»I want to do something crazy« she shared her thoughts

»The boss said, you should work naked too« she told Marla…

That was Rhiann and she struggled to get it. »Now, isn’t that cool, you’re completely nude!«

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