74 Hot and Proof

The three had great fun.

Suz shrieked with every little change of direction, while her hair was blown away by the wind.

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When Kira had brought the car to a stop in the dust of the roadside, Suz rolled down from the bonnet. She shone bright and had fiery cheeks.

»What is it, have you already enough?« sneered Beth, from the passenger seat. She had sank deep into the soft old leather seats and lay her nked feet on the dashboard.

»No, no way« Suz replied. »I’ll be right back on – you can count on that.«

»What’s wrong? Do you want a break?« inquired Kira.

»No, not at all« said Suz. »No. Do you remember how we used to do it?« Suz was slightly out of breath and a long sentence like this made her gasp for breath.

»How did we do it?« Kira asked, trying to remember.

»Oh yes« Suz was still shaking and leaning on her knee »… you were not there at the time.«

Then she pulled both sneakers off her feet and declared, »I’ll show you.«

»Naked« Suz just said. »We used to do it naked…

…read this hot story in Volume 5 Naked Ride

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