82 Star Interview

Star Interview

We meet Ronda Tinson in a luxurious hotel suite in London.

She seems to come directly from the shower. When we arrive, she wears only a bathrobe, the hair is still wet and combed back, in her typical and tough style. Her toes are painted red and she answers the door with a whiskey on the rocks in her hand, welcomes us friendly and barefoot and then returns to the leather sofa, in the middle of the room, where she might already have launched for a moment before we arrived.

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Miss T., in your latest films, nudity and sex have become increasingly central. You are presenting yourself extensively naked and you have sex scenes with partners of both sexes. These situations hardly hide the explicitly sexual nature of what happens on set. There is no clear distinction of you playing a role and being intimate any more. Why is your latest work so intensely characterized by sex?

I am on my way to an unknown destination. I aspire taboolessness in my work as well as in life. Taboos are boring. For example, I intend to shoot one of my next projects completely naked. And I mean completely naked. We’ve even considered if I could be permanently naked on set during shooting.

How can we understand that?

Have I piqued your interest? Well, I was sure I would. All right, if you urge me, I can tell you some of the details of the project. First of all, this time it isn’t a movie but a TV show. We aim at the extended story telling possibilities of a high value TV series. It all takes place on a hacienda in the south, maybe in Spain.

The main character – Rita – lives there with her adult children and a few domestic workers. She – Rita – is a very free and modern woman and she – obviously – decided at some point in her life to live completely naked. I mean, quite literally naked – as well as in a more metaphorical sense of the word. The show will It will be about the tensions this lifestyle brings, as well as about the joy she experiences by the freedom she chooses for herself.

It is, if you noticed, also kind of a philosphical question behind that all. Can you life completely open and naked and natural? Does society allow or supress this kind of courage?

Rita basically is always naked – everywhere. In the morning she goes – this will be part of the leader of the show to set the right tone – to the beach for a walk or a little running with her dog – naked. Then she has breakfast on her terrace – obviously naked in the sun – and then, when her daughters leave the house she goes shopping – still naked. She feels quite free and beautiful, she is feeling the world around her with her whole body, touches everything with her skin. It gives her life richness and beauty. She lives perfectly free and in harmony with her body.

And one of her daughters, to whom she has a very intimate bond of trust then adopts her lifestyle.

And… you will play the role of Rita yourself?

Yes, of course. I am also the author of the script and the producer. Perhaps I will also direct some episodes.

It is a very… personal project.

A dream I have cherished for a long time. A tabooless story about a tabooless woman who is very secure of herself and thus very free.

And if we get you right, it will be a very… permissive project especially for you as the starring character.

Oh yes, exactly, did you perceive that? The same with Sara, obviously, who will play the role of her grown up daughter Mary. It will be quite an adventure for her too, because after about the first third of the project, Mary, the daughter, will also live completely naked and Sara will also be naked a lot on set – in front and behind the camera as we choose method acting…

A TV show about a nudist family?

If you put it that way. But it is even more than that…

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