96 the Assistant - Nude at Work

The Assistant - Nude at Work

She was meant to be new at work. But turns out, she is nude at work…

When she came in, he was sitting back in his immense executive chair, looking at her with uncontrolled composure – or was he just bored? – The visionary who had already proven everything, even his latest plans.

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Pepper introduced her: »This is your new secretary« she said solemnly and not without pride about her selection on the lips. She stood upright and straightforward, although her relationship of trust had long allowed a more relaxed attitude. But proven habits are not easy to put down.

He turned around like a deep slumber, studying the newcomer with the depreciation and generosity of the great elder businessman. As he looked at her, not a small amount of amusement crept into his eyes. Pepper had once again hit his taste really well. No, better, whose taste could she have seriously missed with this elf? Immediately he became more alert, his behavior more active, without losing the subtle irony that made his superiority bearable for others.

Nude at Work

The new girl – ‘what was her name?’ He may have overheard Pepper’s announcement in the vanguard of his effort, which had preceded this little revelation of the day – the new girl stood there with the timidness appropriate to her situation, and yet; there was something else swinging through her mind. Behind the lowered and ever-shy glance burned revolution and strength, rebelliousness that sometimes made the weaker sex so entertaining.

She was one of those brilliant eternal puzzles. Stubborn and submissive, at the same time, cuddly and claw-proof, unpredictable, available yet impregnable, as open as a book and yet unfathomable.

»She’s hired« he decided laconically, acknowledging his decision at the very moment she protested instinctively, something, she could not say a word.

Pepper again led her out to instruct her about her duties.

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