Free Erotic Short Stories

Erotic Short Stories

This eBook presents highlights from some of Marcus C. Hanlons highly appraised erotic novels. These stories that are here for the first time published in one volume all received top ratings of five stars from our readers.

3 Nude in Paris
Paris. The city of love. Breakfast on a tiny balcony with a view the river. And a woman, who discovers and lives her joy of presenting herself to others. Out and about in Paris at night it’s easy to find many more opportunities for erotic escapades. read more…

4 Sex Party
It’s a very relaxed barbeque evening. Especially the hostess but also her friend indulge in nudism and soon her new girlfriend also gets infected by her freedom. One leads to another… more…

14 Nude Roommate
There is a new girl in the shared flat. She is a nudist by heart and stirs up things quite a bit. The result is plenty of nudity and hot sex. more…

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Erotic Short Stories is the latest anthology of highlights of the Top Stories by Marcus C. Hanlon. Wilde lust and entertaining irony.