Free Hot Babes - Sexy Stories

Hot Babes - Sexy Stories

This eBook presents Highlight from some of Marcus C. Hanlons highly appraised erotic novels. These stories that are here for the first time published in one volume all received top ratings of five stars from our readers.

106 College Nudes
Moving to a new city, a new life, first semester. Our student goes to the yoga session only to find new friends that enjoy naked yoga and tantra. Practice of open-minded relaxation, shameless and permissive.
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5 Stars »Just awesome: Totally exciting and funny written.«

120 Sexy Witch
She is aware of what makes life worthwhile. And now her daughter has come of age so she is ready to learn those lessons. Without ifs or buts. It belongs to her, it is our nature.
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Hot Babes is the latest anthology of highlights of the Top Stories by Marcus C. Hanlon. Wilde lust and entertaining irony.