Naked Ride - Sexy Stories

Naked Ride - Sexy Stories

Hot Chicks that take pleasure in showing themselves in public. Women, who exactly know that they want sex more than anything else.

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5 Motorbike Ride
She seeks freedom. And she feels it on her motorbike. Even more, when she undresses herself. It draws her inexorably there… more…

6 Underway
A student on erotic outlooks. An erotic miniature. more…

7 Very Nude
No matter where. She wants to undress herself, preferably completely naked. And the others do not react so negatively… more…

54 On the Train
A female passenger makes herself comfortable. Very comfortable and very casual… more…

74 Hot and Proof
Three wild chicks on their trip. Riding on the bonnet is their last kick. Well, their penultimate… more…

Naked Ride is Marcus C. Hanon’s new erotic ride. 5 wild stories of erotic adventures and understated humor in over 15000 words on more than 80 pages.

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5 Stars for Naked Ride