Sexy Witch - Fuck Stories

Sexy Witch - Fuck Stories

Extrasensory and very sensitive things happen in Sexy Witch. Women, who exactly know that they need sex more than anything else.

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33 The Clairvoyant
She gains her knowledge through a particular method. But she’s very effective and nice to be read by too… more…

116 Architecture
He’s a professional photographer. And now he’s learning the deep secrets of the hostess’ intimate life. more…

120 Sexy Witch
She is aware of what makes life worthwhile. And now her daughter has come of age so she is ready to learn those lessons. Without ifs or buts. It belongs to her, it is our nature. more…

141 The Ripper
The theatre play inspired by the famous London serial killer is amazing. The female lead lets her friends know how every evening the heat increases as she performs on stage… more…

Sexy Witch is Marcus C. Hanon’s new book. 4 wild stories of erotic adventures and understated humor in over 8500 words on more than 60 pages.

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