Adult Stories

Adult Stories

Adult Stories

»Let us begin« the photographer heard the woman say and the landlady answered with an impatient grin »Sure, please, I’m ready«

The masseuse sat down across from the landlady’s face, opened her tights up, showing her clean shaven pubis, and took the landlady’s face between her feet’s soles, like if they were hands. The landlady closed here yes, opened her mouth and let her tongue out a little.

Immediately, the masseuse grabbed the landlady’s tongue with her hands and started to gently massage the tongue and lips.

The masseur massaged boldly the mistress but cheeks simultaneously. Soon he pulled them apart and started to spread the oil, especially along the ass crack paying special attention to the anus and the vulva. He took close care of the labia, massaging it very attentively, pulling them asunder so fast that the mistress inside was evidently visible.

Now the photographer noticed that the masseur was noticeably hard, which stroke him as not too professional for a second. But before he could really give that any thoughts to that the masseur used is sizeable penis to penetrate the mistress wet, shiny genital opening and slowly but steadily put his penis inside her.

The hostess was evidently overwhelmed by the intense sensations o the moment. She took a deep breath and froze.

As she breathed a pleasure moan away, the masseuse, sitting naked in front of her, introduced her hand finally also into her mouth and massaged the root of the landlady’s tongue.

In the meantime, the masseur grabbed the mistress’ both ass cheeks and massaged them powerfully while he pulled his penis out of her and then slowly back into her.

(from Architecture)

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