Best Romance Novels

Best Romance Novels

Best Romance Novels

One morning it was already unusually warm. The sun was shining down on the bed and when I woke up, she was already standing by the door of the balcony and looked outside. She was still dressed in her short light blue silky nightgown – it is really just a shirt and she never wears a slip to sleep, because that makes her feel cramped, she says. The shirt has a wide cut but is really short and when she is standing up it barely covers the top of her legs.

Anyway, so she had pulled back the curtains and was now opening the door. The pleasant, vivid, fresh spring air came in and the curtains blew back slightly with the motion, swelling up slowly. It looked as if it was a little windy but still pleasantly warm. I stayed beneath the sheets and observed her.

She walked out on the balcony until she reached the railing. She grabbed the forged railing with both hands, put her head back and let the sun shine down on her face. The wind swept around her naked legs. She remained motionless for a moment and sleepily looked over towards the river.

Then she started to examine her surroundings. She rested her lower arms on the railing and looked down at the street. It seemed like there was a lot going on as the noise of the people strolling by could be heard and she observed the on goings very closely. The morning breeze played with her silky shirt. It didn’t seem to bother her that the wind raised the hem of her shirt and revealed – sometimes more, sometimes less – of her bottom.

She loves the feeling of being caressed and especially the sensation of the warm breeze on her naked skin. If somebody looked up from the street, surely the shirt would only cover little of her private parts.

Now she looked upwards to where our neighbors seemed to get out on their balcony. She smiled at them and wished them a good morning. After looking up at the facade of the hotel she focused her attention back on the people down on the street.

Then something interesting seemed to happen at the entrance of the hotel, which was diagonally below her. She leaned forward, her uncombed brown curls falling into her face, so that she had to pull them back. In the process of leaning over the railing she stretched her body, causing the shirt to ride up over her behind and exposing her backside almost completely. I could see her rump, saw the sensible gap between her round buttocks that went down to her soft lips. I’m sure the neighbors on the other balcony also had an amazing view of her naked butt.

(from Nude in Paris)

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