Hot College Girls

Hot College Girls

Hot College Girls

When they met again a few days later, hardly anything was different than usual.

It was still warm in the summer and the girls wore as little as possible on their bodies. Michi and Juli were even topless and Anni just wore a bikini.

»I have something to tell you.« Michaela began. »But it’s a secret.«

She sat down on the floor crossed-legged, and everybody around her on the sofas and armchairs listened quietly.

»Mum and I go for massage twice a month.«

»Yes, but… and…?« Anni blurted out. She barely knew if she was coming or going and was just upset and curious. And she had completely given herself up to this condition and was just herself – and thus a bit impulsive.

»Well, the thing is…« Michaela began verbously, in order to mentally prepare herself for the truth she was about to say, and that she had never said before, least in front of all her friends. »It’s not quite a normal massage.« Good. So far, her audience had been already there.

»The massage is completely naked.«

»Is not a massage always naked?« Jannik interjected, and all the girls stared, thunderstruck, over to the boys whose presence they had almost forgotten.

»Yes, well… yes.« Michaela answered tamely. »But usually modest with a towel over your butt. There it’s different. It is a full body massage. There is no towel over the butt. You’re just naked, all the time.« Now Michaela had to smile sheepishly for a moment.

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