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Lesbian Kissing

Lesbian Kissing

Lesbian Kissing

Juli and Michaela were now deep into each other and danced with closed eyes. They held each other with one hand in the lower back and their bodies touched on the abdomen. Juli had a very pensive smile on her face.

Then Michaela did not hold back any longer, took Juli’s face in both hands and kissed her on the lips. Juli returned the kiss. And as their lips parted, their tongues were still playing with each other.

And, as befitting the two girls’ feelings, the music shifted to a slower rhythm, full of emotion and eroticism, allowing them to hug their bare bodies tightly together and curl their hips together. And for a moment, in the semi-darkness, it looked as if Michaela’s hand had slipped in between Jules’s buttocks.

The next song was again sweeping, with deep basses, to which Michaela and Juli made her buttocks to move again, before the two fell on the sofa sweating and laughing.

(from Nude Coeds)

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