Naked Bike Ride

Naked Bike Ride - Naked Ride

Naked Bike Ride from Naked Ride

Now she really wanted to try it. It would probably make her feel as horny as she had in her jeep. She pulled her T-shirt over her head and her breasts hopped out. Then she slipped out of her tight jeans and stripped off her panties. She was now completely naked in the parking lot.

She stowed the clothes under the seat of the motorbike, pulled out a small bottle of suntan lotion and began rubbing it from head to toe. The desert sun could be cruel. Her skin became oily, soft and shiny and she carefully rubbed every part of the skin. This was allowed to last. She enjoyed caressing her skin, and secretly she wanted someone to stop in the parking lot while she stood absolutely naked next to her motorbike, rubbing her body.

When she was done, she looked up to the sky and relished the sunglasses. No one had come by the whole time and she probably would not meet many people back on the road either. And if she would, she wouldn’t mind at all. They probably would have seen a naked woman before – although probably not on such a fast racing machine, she thought with a confident grin.

She got up and felt the soft, hot leather of the seat under her butt. She folded up the kickstand, pulled the clutch and opened the throttle slowly. She drove back to the road and further into the desert, towards the sun.

It felt great. The wind cooled her body and she felt the euphoria in her arising that nudity always gave her. She to huddle against the machine and she felt the warm wind swinging around her hips and across her butt and whirling between her bare breasts.

Her nipples were hard and pointed and she felt completely happy. She flew down the long straight road and was extremely excited: it was hard to believe; she sat really naked on her motorbike, wearing only her sunglasses and a chuckle in her face. She really did this. She fulfilled this…

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