Naked Party

Naked Party

Naked Party

Florence seemed to have shed her timidity. It was still very warm. She had drunk the good wine and asked sleepishly in the round that we would probably not mind if she would finally get rid of this dress. My sweetheart responded to a friendly invitation to do so and we walked over to the garden chairs together. My love and Michaela went arm in arm and I came with a little distance behind. They swayed their bare bottoms sensually back and forth and Michaela’s arm slid down the back of my sweetheart and pinched her playfully in the buttocks.

Then they kissed each other fleetingly and then settled on the two large beds. My heart dropped to my stomach and looked back at us stragglers. Michaela’s hand had already found its way between her thighs and she rubbed herself there with relish, without paying any attention to the others.

When Marco and Christo, although deep in conversation, passed her by, she pulled her hand back briefly. But the two gentlemen were now engrossed in a professional conversation about sports and hardly noticed Michaela. They sat on two chairs, which were a bit off and discussed animated. In the meantime, I lit some of the prepared torches that dipped the garden back into warm faint light.

Then Florence came to us. She had taken off her dress and her shoes and kept only her red panties on. She seemed to want to share the freedom of her sheathless mates, but had not yet found the courage to undress completely. Her shapely firm breasts rocked invitingly as she came over from the terrace. She rocked her hips as she walked, but her eyelids blinked uncertainly and betrayed the excitement her exposure gave her. She sat down again to Michaela on the couch and put her drink on the table. She looked insecure and a little buttoned, in a funny contrast to her clothes.

Michaela looked at her closely. Florence also had a very beautiful body. Her breasts were full and firm and her hips wide and feminine. Her dark, full hair fell down over her bared back.

After a few insignificant words about eating, my heart bluntly asked »How often do you do it to you during the week, Florence?« She was lying on the couch with her face on the backs of her hands. Her legs were stretched out and relaxed.

Florence had not expected such a question and just swallowed instead of answering.

»Yes, how often?« Michaela agreed.

Florence replied that she had not done that for a long time and mumbled something incomprehensible.

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