Nakedness from Nude in Paris

Something was tickling me. When I came back to reality, my darling was lying next to me, tickling my nose with a blade of grass. Her face was lying close to mine on the grass and she was beaming happily. She had rolled over on her stomach. Her naked behind twitched in happy agitation, her thighs were parted and she had bent her legs so far that I could see the soles of her feet. She played around in the air with them.

»Good morning«, she trilled.

How fortunate I am to have such a wonderful woman by my side!

»I’m hungry«, she said, »let’s go back.«

I fought a quick inner battle and rested my body weight on her. The sun had warmed me through and through, and so I opened the collar of my dress shirt.

»Are you warm, lover?«, she asked, slipped her head onto my stomach and started opening the rest of the buttons. The she opened the shirt wide and pushed her body onto mine. I felt her naked boobs on my chest, her stomach on my own. Her skin was warm and soft. I stroked over her sides, her back and her naked bottom, kissing her passionately all the while. I firmly grabbed her butt cheeks and kneaded them.

»Come on, let’s go. I’m all warm«, she said, smiled and stood up before me.

The sun was already sitting deep in the sky and there were hardly any more people out on the paths. I rose and got ready to walk off. She stretched herself beside me, rose up on her tiptoes and breathed in deeply. Then she looked at me and said: »Can you take my dress and shoes, I want to stay naked a while longer.«

We walked across the patch of grass together and aimed for the direction that led towards the southern exit of the park. My darling didn’t walk on the payed walkways but rather a few steps to the side, barefoot on the grass. I carried her dress and shoes. The evening sun was warm and the air clear, soft and full off pollen.

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