Nude on Stage

Nude on Stage

Nude on Stage

»And it’s a costume play for sure, right? With the huge flowing victorian dresses, isn’t it? I think that’s impressive…«

»No, Ann, sorry to disappoint you, you’ll see the premiere if you’ll like it, it’s a very modern piece«

John added, sarcastically »Quite modern« and drank another sip of red wine.

»We do it minimalistic. All costumes are more metaphor than actual clothes. The production design is just bare black walls. The Ripper wears a simple shirt with black long sleeves, black gloves and a long black skirt that goes to the floor, which centers attention on him as a night animal, with an animal body. He really blends into the Whitechapel walls as he indeed _is_ Whitechapel, its darkest side. Because he is still a ghost and a mystery, a demon from Avernum, he wears a mask. He wears a hood over his head, something with a zipper over his mouth and eyes – like you get in BDSM sex shops«

More silence. »Quite enough,« John repeated in a low voice, drinking another sip of wine to keep things simple.

»So what metaphors do then the victims wear?« Ann asked. Little had been said about this, suspiciously.

»None at all,« answered Maggie shortly.

»What do you mean ‘none’? You can’t possibly be naked on stage!« Ann manifested her own insecurity.

»I am« Maggie savored her own created moment to the dregs. She relished it. It was as she was already showing herself off, without the wait until Sunday.

After what seemed like an eternity, she quietly replied »For the Ripper, every victim is just a bare naked body. A naked body, sink, flesh and bones. A naked mass of lust and meat which he aims to slaughter. That’s what we show.«

It was time for the main course so the roast was served. Ann had been warming up because of the wine so she took her cardigan off. She wore a top with spaghetti straps underneath, in which her full breasts were very noticeable because they had volume.

»Tell us some more about the play« suggested Tim, well aware that his own wife’s curiosity was killing her. She was already so hot she was starting to undress.

»It all starts with the first murder, of course. Mary Ann is strangled in the street« explained Maggie while she ate »The curtain opens, and there’s the Ripper, in a dark wall in Box Row, strangling me.«

»Naked« Ann commented, still with incredulity.

»Yes, I’m totally naked. It’s an uncanny contrast with the Ripper in black but me naked. A woman in her naked skin exposed to the night monster, the monster of London. The pale naked light of the living flesh, faces death’s darkness and masculine violence, the flame that disappears. It’s elemental, radical, archaic, deep…«

(from The Ripper)

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