The next morning she prepared for the next round of yoga. It was a bit of a funny feeling to go to do sports and not to pack any special clothes for it; in the knowledge that she would do sports in the nude.

But so she had decided, so it should be. So she just put a towel in her backpack, put on a light summer dress – and nothing else. For a moment she hesitated in front of her sandals, but they too were evidently superfluous on such a day. So she walked barefoot out of her apartment, closed the door behind her, hopped over the cold stairs of the stairwell, and slipped out through the door into the sunny day.

She felt free. The sun shone on her blond hair and warmed her skin. She was now grown up and had all the freedom one could have. She intended to make experiences, to experiment and to get to know new things and she would begin this morning.

By bicycle she tramped through the residential streets and across two large crossroads until she reached the university area. Without much trouble she found the gate through which she could enter the park. She dismounted, but did not stop and went straight in. Just a few steps behind the gate, a wide view of a surprisingly large lawn opened. She paused for a moment and looked around to see if she could spot the yoga group.

»Hello, there you are« she suddenly heard a voice next to her. It was the tutor. She was standing in front of her in the grass and was already… completely naked from head to toe. The tutor was not distracted. »We’re over here.« she said »Come along and get undressed. We’re about to start.«

With these words, the tutor turned around and walked very confidently on her bare feet across the lawn. She really had a great body and moved elegantly on her naked soles in pure perfection. She cradled her feminine butt joyfully with every step. She felt at that moment how much she admired and loved the naked female body. And so she followed the tutor.

She somehow had imagined a more secluded place for practicing yoga nude. But she had been wrong. The small group, the exercise instructor went straight to was sitting in the middle between three huge chestnut trees in the middle of a large open grassy area. And the park was quite busy with the trails just a few steps away from the trees.

Well. Apparently they were very open-minded. The group was not large and consisted of women only. Some selected circle of clear-minded women whose sense of shame obviously just began beyond utter nudity.

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