Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

Nuru Massage

»Probably Wiebke and I will open a massage parlor together.«

»But, can you massage?« the mother asked.

»Yes… that means I’m learning it. I am currently doing a training of Asian Nuru massage. That is so great. It is a profession that you practice completely naked! That is just perfect for me, don’t you think?«

»And what is that like?« the mother wanted to know.

»Oh, you massage not only with your hands, or with your feet, as the Thais sometimes do, but with your whole body. You rub yourself all over with oil and then rub your bare slippery body on the other body to massage it. It is very soft and very natural. And wonderfully cool!«

»And how did you come to that« the mother wanted to know.

»Oh, very simple. Wiebke told me about it. That you are completely naked doing it and that she would massage my body with her body. She asked me if I would like to do it with her. And that sounded great. Both completely naked and so many touches on the bare skin. So I of course said ‘yes’ and we went to her, stripped naked and did it. I had one orgasm after another… I do not even know how many times I came. Her bare skin on my skin was a wonderful experience. I liked it so much I just wanted to learn to give it to others also.«

She paused for a moment and looked at the parents how they liked it.

»The course to learn it is really fun! We are all naked together and oiled completely and massage each other. We stroke the naked skin of the other human with our whole naked body. That is very intense.

It works much better than you would expect. Back and shoulders can be wonderfully massaged with the bare buttocks and legs and butt can be massaged great with the breasts and stomach. It works without any effort because the power comes from the weight of the body as my butt glides on the client’s back.«

»And… you’re always naked with… the others…?« the mother asked with glazed eyes.

»Of course. There is no other way to do it. My attire is, so to speak, a glorious nothing, air and love.« Anita grinned happily.

(from College Nudes)

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