»I’m really excited« the young woman confided to her colleague. Both sat on the crew’s companion boat and waited for their appearance. Soon Ella would sail with her new friend across the ocean. The sun was shining from a deep blue sky and the waves gently moved the escort boat.

»Do you have stage fright?«

»Yes« she smiled euphorically. »And we’ll do the first nude scene right away. That is so exciting!«

»Don’t worry« her colleague said. »You’re made for Ella. I’ve just seen you naked in the make-up, you’ll be wonderful.«

»Yes, right. But I’m also excited because I’m being fucked right away.«

»What do you mean?« The colleague wanted to know.

»The sex. We’ll do it shortly.«

»Yes. You simulate a little.«

»No« she protested, a little outraged. »We fuck, we really do it. You will see…«

(from Casting)

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