Shamless (from Nude Roommate) »My God, this is so awesome, JR!« Elisa called into my ear while she took off her shoes.

Her hair was wet with sweat, her breasts dangled naked in front of my face and her nipples were pulled together and were hard and pointed. I was usually never allowed to see her naked, but that had changed quickly. No sooner had the shoes gone, she hopped barefoot into the hustle and bustle on the dance floor. She found Irina again and the two danced to the wild music with each other.

We had acquired a table next to the dance floor. The room was sparsely lit, and from time to time, only for moments, black light and strobe lights lit up the floor. I got us something to drink and we sat for a while and watched the people on the dance floor. There was no way to converse, something the DJ didn’t plan on either, apparently. So, we just sat there and got used to the atmosphere. Irina unbuttoned her blazer on and leaned far back in her chair. She sat away from me and turned toward the dance floor, legs elegantly on top of each other. Elisa sat between us and sipped on a cocktail.

After a few minutes she jumped up and, to drown out the music, Irina yelled at us: »I’ll go dance.« Before we knew what was happening, she slipped out of her blazer and had it thrown over her chair. Then she hopped on the dance floor. We looked after her.

»Do you believe this?« asked me Elisa aghast.

I didn’t answer. I could not avert my gaze from Irina’s butt. This weird little girl had actually left the house like that; not wearing anything besides the stuff she’d shown me. She wasn’t wearing a skirt, no panties, she was simply stark naked between top and stockings.

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