Short Stories for Adults

Short Stories for Adults

Short Stories for Adults like Adult Dating

»Of course it is important that we have some nice pictures of you. Do you have any?« the friendly gentleman who worked for the matchmaking agency asked.

»Oh… Yes, of course. I brought pictures of myself.« she fumbled in her purse, finally took out some photos and handed them to him.

He flipped through the photos for a first impression and froze. »But you are… naked in all the photos.«

»Well, I thought the photos should look, like, attractive?« she chuckled, a little irritated. »And not show the quality of my wardrobe« she added.

»Well, yes… maybe we’ll start by recording your lives, your hobbies, and your interests so we can carry out matchmaking.« the friendly gentleman deliberately changed the subject and put the photos aside.

»A what?«

»Matchmaking. We are looking for a partner whose interests, etc., are comparable to yours and who otherwise could suit you.« the friendly gentleman found himself back in more stable, familiar territory.

She nodded, understood.

»Tell me, please. I’ll make some notes.«

»Alright! Yes!« she began. »I’m studying psychology and I live in a shared flat right now.«

»Okay« the gentleman noted down. »You do not have a permanent partner, but you are looking for a partner?«

»Exactly« she smiled. The man understood her.

»What are your hobbies?«

»Well, I go to Naked Yoga twice a week.«

»Yoga…« the man repeated and noted.

»Naked Yoga.«

»I beg your pardon?«

»Naked Yoga. We do yoga in the nude… without clothes.«

»Nude yoga« he repeated after a quick check of the lady, correcting his note. »Alone.«


»You are doing yoga on your own… naked…«

»No, of course not. I do it in a yoga group.«

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