CMNF from Wedding Planner

»You’ve done this before?« the bride asked curiously.

»Yes« smiled the planner. »I’ll tell you about it in a minute.« Then she continued her thoughts. »Our experience has shown that it is difficult for the bride to slip into a wedding dress after a nude wedding ceremony. After the feelings of lightness, freedom and blatant love during the marriage ceremony, she feels her body especially locked up and the expression of her feelings through the clothes is badly affected.«

The bride nodded in agreement. »Yes…« She could imagine that.

»You will understand that the naked bride is showing all her feelings of the bride company openly. During the ceremony the nipples are pointed, the labium swells and the vagina gets wet.«

»Oh, really?« the bride was thrilled with the details the planner evidently knew.

»Yes. Often, the bride, if she has dressed up later, she strips down again at the latest during the wedding ceremony for dancing. Some wear underwear, but most of them do not like to wear any clothes anymore and then they get naked again.«

»Really…« the bride was astonished.

»Oh yeah. Even I got married naked.«

»Really?« the bride was now visibly touched. Her cheeks flushed and her eyes became moist. She had obviously met a soul mate. »And how was it?«

»Wonderful. A unique experience. I still feel the freedom on my skin and the looks of the wedding party on my naked body. Absolutely wonderful.«

»And you also danced naked.«

»Oh yeah. Eventually everyone was naked in the evening at the party.« she smiles at the memory and involuntarily grabs her full breast at the memory, which fills her white summer dress well.

But then she looked up and said »But it’s about your wedding now. Let’s continue with that.« Then she looked at her notes again. »Would you like to tell the guests in the invitation card that they will be naked at the wedding or do you want to surprise your guests?«

»Well, oh, I do not know…«

»Well, if they are surprised by you, you will especially impress the women among your guests. And at the wedding reception, some women will go to the dance floor and very spontaneously strip naked. That happens often.«

»Oh, do you mean…?«

»I suppose their guests will not be too prudish to consider being naked at the wedding.«

»Well, no… I think so. I have not thought about that yet. And if we already put it on the invitation… I mean that that I’m going to be naked…«

»It also depends a little on whether your guests are more conservative and prudish or open-minded and tolerant. After all, I suppose most of your guests will not have seen you naked yet…«

»Well, yes, I think…«

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