denuded – naked


In the movement she pushed the dress aside, it fell down over her shoulder and bared her breasts and her whole body very suddenly. Her nipples were dark and hard from her obvious effort and excitation. Then she brought my hand to the newly exposed full breast. I felt its perfect silkiness. As my hand slid over the nipple and came to rest on it she went into shock and, touch and knowledge made her jump.

»Go to her« she said »you know who I mean. She will have three children. That’s what matters.« My senses faded. I then saw that her feet were up to my pelvis, like if I was in a trance, and she held me there with her soles. Her dress was now completely spread all over her stool and on the floor. Now she was utterly naked and she wriggled in front of me.

Then she lead my hand from her breast to her lips. But she didn’t stay, but slid my fingers into her mouth, where her moist tongue awaited it and played with them joyously. While she moved my other hand now deeper, passing by her most sacred places in between her cheeks to her anus – that seemed to twitch expectingly. While licking my fingers in her mouth, she now with a firm and highly aroused involuntary movement of her pelvis forward, she inserted my middle finger into her soft anus.

»Food is good for you but stay away from the wine« she prophesied as she moved my hand out of her mouth to her cheek, like a little bird in my palm

Her asshole downright soaked up my finger in. Soon it was deep into her rectum, which seemed to have a warm twitchy life of its own.

(from The Clairvoyant)

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