Indecent - The Boutique

Indecent from The Boutique

»By the way, our new section for casual clothing and beachwear has been added lately.«

»Bikinis and swimsuits?« the interviewer asked incredulously.

»No, where are you lost? Of course not! That too is part of our concept of the True Woman.

Swimwear is an absurdity. Substances absorb water and won’t release it again. Anyone who dresses to go swimming behaves absurdly. Of course, we do not offer classic swimwear, but what our customers really \emph{want} to wear at the beach and during promenading – not based on outdated moral ideas or other traditions what they \emph{should}.

Our customers agree on this point: a survey has shown that the vast majority of women prefer to be butt naked in their spare time and on vacation. No wonder, since it is our natural and true condition, if you allow me to make this personal remark. The reasons given by our customers were the feeling of freedom, the love for their body and the erotic effect and the resulting frequent sexual intercourse. All good reasonable reasons.«

»And what… then…?«

»We take the wishes of our customers seriously and respond to them. That’s why we do not offer ridiculous moral accessories like swimsuits or even bikinis.«

»What are you against bikinis?« the interviewer asked a bit too spontaneously.

The shopkeeper looked at him punishingly over the frame of her glasses. Then she explained what she considered absolutely obvious »Bikinis originated from turn-of-the-century swimsuits. At that time people went swimming in full gear, because it was considered unchaste to even show the leg naked.

Over time, this swimwear became increasingly short and the end result was the bikini. It tries to hide that it does not want to hide anything anymore. A monstrosity. It suggests that the woman is forbidden to show nipples and labia and covers only these. Absurd!« She went on shaking her head, and then continued with her original thought.

»Our saleswomen in the ‘leisure and beachwear’ department are as butt naked as our customers prefer to be in their free time. We are on the right track! Many of our customers come in the summer very scantily dressed in our stores. Most are barefoot and have very little textile on their body.«

»But on the beach…?«

»… and while promenading? Of course, we offer our customers everything they need to feel perfectly equipped in these situations.«

»And this is?«

»Fashion for this area is reduced. We support and encourage the desire of our customers for complete nudity and align our offer accordingly. Jokingly, we like to call the department ‘No Beachwear’« she laughs.

»And what…?«

»We offer sun hats, belly and ankle bracelets, toe rings, sandals, sunglasses, just what the modern woman needs on the beach or on the boardwalk to feel comfortable and show off her nude body in a charming way.«

»And that’s what your saleswomen wear?«


»Can we… visit that department… like… right now?«

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