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Nude in Paris

3 Nude in Paris - Romantic Short Stories

Paris. The city of love. Breakfast on a tiny balcony with a view over the river. And a woman, who discovers and lives her joy of presenting herself to others. Out and about in Paris at night it’s easy to find many more opportunities for erotic escapades. Music and dancing invites you to feel free and uninhibited.

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14 Nude Roommate

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In unserer kleinen WG gab es kein FKK, es war eine ganz normale Wohngemeinschaft, bis Erik auszog. Dann hat sich vieles geändert. Naja, genaugenommen nicht direkt, weil er auszog, sondern weil er sein Zimmer an eine recht bemerkenswerte Zeitgenossin weitervermittelt hat. Ihr Name war Irina und sie erschien uns zuerst ganz normal. Zuerst…

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3 Nude in Paris

Nude in Paris - Erotic Novel

Anyway, so she had pulled back the curtains and was now opening the door. The pleasant fresh spring air came in and the curtains blew back slightly with the motion, billowing slowly. It looked as if it was a little windy but still pleasantly warm. I stayed beneath the sheets and observed her.

She walked out on the balcony until she reached the railing. She grabbed the forged railing with both hands, put her head back and let the sun shine down on her face. The wind blew around her naked legs. She remained motionless for a moment and sleepily looked over towards the river.

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